Key things to know to get REF ready

This is an important year for research active staff at Edinburgh Napier University. We’ve collected together a few key things that you need to know to be REF ready!

Have you clicked the Deposit button?

When you’re adding work to the repository in WorkTribe, your record is not submitted until the Deposit button has been clicked. The repository team has noticed that this can be a step that’s often missed. The deposit button turns green when all the required fields are completed:

Green deposit button in repository

When you click the button, your work is reviewed by the repository team and added to the repository. Only when this deposit it completed can your work be made available open access, an essential condition for work to be considered for inclusion in this year’s REF submission. It’s vital that deposit is completed within three months from the date of acceptance, however we strongly advise that you act on acceptance by depositing your work as soon as you hear it’s accepted for publication.

The Repository team

This is a small group of Library staff, led by the Research Repository Advisor, Dr Stuart Lawson. They ensure items are correctly deposited in the repository. They also manage the email account and respond to your questions and comments. If you’re depositing items that could potentially be included in the next REF, it’s essential they are deposited correctly. If you’re wondering if you’ve got it right, or if you have any questions around the repository, please contact them.

In brief:

  • Deposit your accepted manuscript within three months
  • Remember to click the green Deposit button
  • Contact with any questions.