Final Guidance and Criteria published for REF2021

Yesterday two important documents relating to REF2021 were published by the four higher education funding bodies. These were the final Guidance on Submissions and the Panel Criteria and Working Methods documents. Together, they give comprehensive information about the submission and assessment of research to REF2021.

The Guidance on Submissions is aimed at universities and helps them with how they should submit their research to the next REF. The Panel Criteria and Working Methods describes how panels will assess that research. Both documents were published following a consultation period in summer 2018.

Interestingly, there is also an accompanying Key Decisions document which details the reasoning behind some of the decisions behind these two submission and assessment documents.¬†It’s recommended that all three documents should be read together.

Earlier today, the four higher education funding bodies announced they are working on compiling a list of the members of the Steering Group. This will be published when they have obtained permission from all the group members to share their personal data. More general information about the steering group can be found here.