Act on acceptance – what is it?

We have just added an act on acceptance page to this blog but…what does it mean? Over the next year or so the rules about making your work eligible for the next Research Excellence Framework (REF) are going to change…twice! There is a very real risk that busy researchers could miss a deadline and fail to comply with the changing rules. We don’t want that to happen.

Act on acceptance IMAGE

So how can we help? One easy message is the answer and the ‘Act on acceptance’ campaign is the result. As soon as you find out your work has been accepted for publication, you need to deposit your work in the Repository and send us the evidence of acceptance. This is an easy message to communicate, a way to stay ahead of the rule changes and it helps you make sure your work is eligible for the next REF.

Do you know that the lovely people in the Repository team are happy to deposit your work for you? Email them at You will also need to send your evidence of acceptance to them too.

We’ll tweet regular reminders on @ednaplib and tweet and blog anything else we think you might find interesting about act on acceptance, using the hashtag #actonacceptance