20th Annual Meeting of the Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering (WSE 2024)

The Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering started in 2004. After 19 successful meetings in 10 different partner countries, WSE has become a well-established platform for researchers from various fields of wood science and engineering.
We look forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh for 20th meeting of the WSE in Autumn 2024!

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This page will be updated with more information closer to the date of the meeting.

The theme of the meeting will be “time”. This includes:

  • Looking back on the previous 20 years of the network
  • Time in relation to wood behaviour
  • Looking forward to the next 20+ years

We will be looking forward to needs of future society – for wood and for forests
And the coming challenges: wood demand, climate change, pests and diseases, biodiversity collapse…

There will be a pre-conference doctoral training workshop on the subject of engagement – with the public, industry, policy makers and the media. This will not just be about communicating the results of research, but how to actively engage these groups in the planning and undertaking of research.

We will also have a focus on engaging with the youth, and their perspectives on the future of forests and wood. This year, expect to be asked to write an additional short abstract understandable to a 16 year old.

Key dates:

Registration deadline (expected to be in August 2024)
Deadline for submission of extended abstracts (expected to be in August 2024)
The meeting and training school (expected to be in October 2024)