Dr Ivor Davies

i.davies@napier.ac.uk / +44(0)131 455 2397

Ivor is a wood scientist and technologist with over 20 years experience in the timber products sector. He joined the then Napier University in 2003. Prior to this he worked at both Forestry Commission and Highland Birchwoods developing the use of indigenous timber in the Scottish highlands.

He has set up and run projects focussing on the performance of timber facades, grading timber for durability, sustainable construction and product innovation. These have ranged from large trans-national collaborations through to product development and testing for individual companies. He also provides expert witness services on disputes involving timber.

In 2011 he completed his PhD “Moisture conditions in external timber cladding: field trials and their design implications”. Ivor is also author or lead author of several publications; the most recent being: “External Timber Cladding: Design, Performance and Installation” (with John Wood).

Ivor is active in providing education and training on timber for building professionals. This is undertaken on behalf of Wood for Good and similar organisations. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and seminars in the UK and overseas.


Performance-based design of timber clad building envelopes
Use of UK timber in construction
Sustainable design
New timber product design & development
Science communication and science-art inter-relations

Recent Publications

Davies, I., (2008). Evidence-based design of timber facades. In: Proc. 10th World Conf. on Timber Engng, Miyazaki, Japan. 2 – 5 June 2008
Davies, I (2009). Sustainable construction timber: sourcing and specifying local timber. Edinburgh: arcamedia, IBSN 978-1-904320-07-4 (2nd Edn: 2010)
Davies, I. & Wood, J., (2010). Exterior timber cladding: design, installation and performance. Edinburgh: arcamedia, ISBN 978-1-904320-04-3
Davies, I., Fairfield, C., Stupart, A. & Wilson, P., (2012) Moisture conditions in timber cladding: field trial data. (Proc. ICE, Construction Materials, 165(5), 263-278)
Davies, I., Fairfield, C., Stupart, A. & Wood, J., (2012) External timber cladding: design and performance. (Proc. IStructE, The Structural Engineer, 90(12), 46-53)

For a full list of journal papers, conference presentations and monographs, please visit Edinburgh Napier University’s Research Repository.


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