Timber structures conference (New Forest)

Next year sees the first “International Conference On Timber Structures and Engineering”, 13 – 15 June, 2017, New Forest, UK.  It is being organised by the Wessex Institute in collaboration with the Technical Centre of Wood Industry in Belgium.

Abstracts are invited with the deadline of “as soon as possible”, and you can read more on the conference website.

The conference covers a wide range of topics:

  • Wood products characterisation
  • Material properties of wood
  • Durability aspects, service life modelling
  • Fire safety of timber structures
  • Protection against decay
  • Non-destructive inspection and monitoring
  • Glued, laminated structures, Xlam and CLT
  • Timber joints and connections
  • Vernacular wood structures
  • Heritage timber structures
  • Timber housing and eco-architecture
  • Timber bridges
  • Large span timber roof structures
  • Shell structures in timber
  • Mixed, composite and hybrid structures
  • Computational analysis and experimental methods
  • Structural engineering and design
  • Seismic behaviour of timber structures
  • Protection of timber
  • Case studies
  • Repaired timber structures
  • Rapidly assembled and transferable timber structures
  • Guidelines, codes and regulations
  • Structure failures
  • Art and craftsmanship

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