Forestry Commission v2019

The Forestry Commission was established as part of the Forestry Act 1919 – and is therefore celebrating its centenary this year.  A lot has changed since then.  On April 1st 2019 some big changes came.  This blog post is aimed at giving an overview of the government bodies for forestry, and what they do.  If you want to go directly to publications go here and click the bar “Filter publications & research” to open the search box. Statistics are here.

FunctionEnglandScotlandWalesNorthern Ireland
Managers of the public forest estatesForestry EnglandForestry and Land ScotlandNatural Resources WalesNorthern Ireland Forest Service
Grants, policy and regulationForestry CommissionScottish ForestryNatural Resources WalesNorthern Ireland Forest Service
Research and publicationsForest ResearchForest ResearchForest ResearchNorthern Ireland Forest Service

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