Lions’ Gate Plans

Plans with dimensions, developed and sketched by volunteer Marie Dubaille (September 2018)

Garden layout with Digital Bothy position (PDF)
South-west area of garden (PDF)
North east area with Digital Bothy position (PDF)
Detail of Digital Bothy, dimensions and position (PDF)
Digital Bothy interior layout (PDF)
Digital Bothy Roof Option 1 (PDF)
Digital Bothy Roof Option 2 (PDF)

3D walkthrough of The Lions’ Gate space

Quiet zone

Lions' Gate Quiet Zone

Peformance area

Stage / performance area

Pond area

Pond area

Digital Bothy sketches

Digital Bothy Exterior 1

Digital Bothy Interior 1

Outdoor classroom / reception area sketches

Reception Area

Reception Aerial View

Useful links

The Lions’ Gate Pinterest Mood Board
Permaculture videos on YouTube

MSc Theses

Christina Janette Plum – Towards a Blended Space Design for Individual’s Plastic Recycling (2021)
Shannon Ariel Murray – Developing a Sustainable Design Fiction for Fasnakyle Church (August 2020)
Hudson Miears – A Phenomenological Framework for the Design of an Augmented Reality Experience (August 2019)
Nicholas Besagni – Symbiosis of Digital and Environmental Artefacts in Blended Spaces Using Permaculture Design as a Framework (August 2018)

MA Interaction Design projects

Alexsandrina Todorova – Reflection: sketching in hardware and software | Poster
Daniel Backer – Intangible Interactivity | Poster
Daniel Finn – Digital Garden | Poster
Dean Newton – Beholden | Poster
Margit Schefte – Raindrops | Poster
Toan Nguyen – Vegograph | Poster

MSc Design Dialogues Module projects

Fraser McMillan – The Light Up System
Joanna Hagan – BUD|D
Richard Callaghan – Blending Nature and Technology Using Near Field Communication
Sara Danieli – Garden Bench Augmented with Acoustic Sensors
Shad Mohammad Ismail – The Food Forest
Sebastian Schmidt – Explore The Lions’ Gate
Katarzyna Gniady-Brzoza – Pond Monitoring System
Kar Meng Lee – Interactive Garden System
Hudson Miears – A Physical Installment for a Permaculture Garden to Encourage Conversation about Smartphone Addiction
Francesca Bitcon – The Hex Hunt
Arun Kumar Thombarapu – An AR/IoT Smart Phone Application for The Lions’ Gate
Emma Boardman – A mixed-reality system which enables visitors to uncover information concerning the culinary and medicinal uses of herbs
Areti Sakka – Max the Lion: Kids game app for The Lions’ Gate
Alina Cristea – Designing and evaluating an interactive kiosk for The Lions’ Gate project
Lewis Gourlay – Lions’ Gate AR
Marc Fairbairn – Live from the Hive: a design proposal for a physical system for the Lions’ Gate permacultural gardens
Richard Plant – Digital Scavenger Hunt
Navya Vempati – An augmented reality (AR) system for permaculture interpretation
Attia Nassar – 3D View of Merchsiton Campus
Design & evaluation of campus interactive system
Secret Garden: Interactive Smart Phone App
Herb-e: interactive life-cycle garden
Design for a portable, responsive and sustainable Garden


UN Sustainable Development Goals
The Hannover Principles: Design for Sustainability
Permaculture Principles
User Experience Principles
Sustainable HCI Community and Wiki
Biomimicry, DesignLens: Life’s Principles
Rochdale Principles

Inspirational People

Masanobu Fukuoka: natural farming and re-vegetation of desertified lands
Robert Hart: evolved the idea of Forest Gardening
Bill Mollison: the father of permaculture
David Holmgren: permaculture vision and innovation
Graham Bell: changing the world one day at a time
Patrick Whitefield: pioneering European permaculture teacher
Helena Norberg-Hodge – linguist, writer, activist
Gary Snyder – poet, essayist, environmentalist
David Benyon – HCI pioneer


Permaculture Scotland
Edinburgh Sustainable Development Partnership
EAUC: The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges
The James Hutton Institute: one of the Scottish Government’s main research providers in environmental, crop and food science
Local Energy Scotland: helping Scotland’s communities and businesses benefit from renewable energy
Transition Edinburgh: Pathways to building a fairer, carbon neutral future
Balkep: Balkan Ecology Project
Project Drawdown: 100 solutions to reverse global warming
52 Climate Actions: It’s time to act.
Soil Food Web: Restoring Nature to the World’s Soils


Permaculture magazine – Earth care, people care, future care
Chelsea Green Publishing: the politics and practice of sustainable living
The Whole Earth Catalog: access to tools and ideas
The Idler: The Idler is a magazine and school dedicated to fun, freedom and fulfilment
The Land: an occasional magazine about Land Rights

Site analysis tools for consumers and designers of solar.
Find My Shadow: calculate the position and height of the sun anywhere in the world on any date and plot the shadow cast by the sun at different times of the day.
SunCalc: shows sun movement and sunlight phases during the given day at the given location.
How to do good site analysis
Wind Flow Charts


Plants for a Future: database of 7000 edible and medicinal plants
The Plant List: a working list of all plant species
Native trees of Scotland
Heritage Seed Library: conserving vegetable varieties that are not widely available
Scotia Seeds: Scottish wildflowers and meadow mixtures