The Lions' Gate

The Lions’ Gate

The Lions’ Gate is an imaginative, urban,  permaculture habitat based at Edinburgh Napier University’s Merchiston Campus providing – garden, allotment, outdoor laboratory, venue, performance, re-wilding, and relaxation space.

The onset of the pandemic has highlighted the immediate need for outdoor places that inspire and protect. Here, students, staff, local and international communities can safely;

  • explore the environmental concerns of our age
  • reconnect with nature for restorative health
  • research sustainability and climate change
  • investigate the a/effects of digital technology on the environment
  • share knowledge
  • have fun

For more details see our gardens and resources pages.

In a nutshell, The Lions’ Gate is an inclusive sustainability gardens project that seeks to create the right conditions for people to empower themselves.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Lions’ Gate has signed the SDG Accord to advance the critical role that education has in delivering the SDGs and the value it brings to governments, business and wider society, making a commitment via my learning institution to deliver the goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals