Research in this area sprung from a well of discussions between the late professor of HCI – David Benyon, and Research Fellow and Interaction Design Lecturer Callum Egan. How could digital technology contribute to the health of the planet? What design methods could be developed? Where could this research grow? But mostly, how can we ecologically design our lives and the spaces we inhabit?

Some of the research themes that have grown out of conversations and debates with colleagues, partners and friends around the globe are;

Environment and bio-diversity

How do we build thriving living systems that support us?

Health, well-being, society

Re-connecting with nature for physical and mental health

Sustainable Interaction Design and Computing

How can the digital be re-made sustainable?

Artists and makers

Ecologically-inspired artworks and inventions.


Working cooperatively with schools, institutions, organisations, communities and individuals to develop concepts and actions that nourish the living planet.

The University as an agency of change

How can universities quickly pursue practical solutions to the environmental concerns of our age?

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Hasten Slowly: Developing an interactive sustainability storytelling chair (2020)
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2020 ACM Workshop: Computing Within Limits, Bristol, UK

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Proceedings of British HCI 2017 – Digital Make-Believe, Sunderland, UK

Feature story on The Lions’ Gate in the St Andrews Society of San Francisco’s newsletter (November 2020)

These books (and now many more than this list shows) are available on a bookcase situated by the large window that looks onto The Lions’ Gate Garden from Merchiston Library:

  • Teaming with microbes : the organic gardener’s guide to the soil food web / Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis ; foreword by Elaine Ingham., Portland, Or. :, Timber Press, 2010., 9781604691139, ISBN
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