The University as an agency of change

How can universities quickly pursue practical solutions to the environmental concerns of our age?


Working cooperatively across schools/institutions/organisations/communities/individuals to develop ideas and actions that nourish the living planet.

Sustainable Interaction Design

How can the digital be re-made sustainable?

Environment and bio-diversity

How do we build thriving living systems that support us?

Health, well-being, society

Re-connecting with nature for physical and mental health. Support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Artists and makers

Ecologically-inspired artworks and inventions.

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Hasten Slowly: Developing an interactive sustainability storytelling chair (2020)
Callum Egan, Andrew O’Dowd, Neil Fyffe
2020 ACM Workshop: Computing Within Limits, Bristol, UK

The Lions’ Gate: Towards a permaculture-inspired blended space (2019)
Callum Egan, Richard Thompson, Andrew O’Dowd
2019 ACM Workshop: Computing within Limits, Lappeenranta, Finland

Sustainable HCI: Blending permaculture and user-experience. (2017)
Callum Egan, David Benyon
Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems Pages 39-43
ISBN: 978-1-4503-4991-8

Permaculture as a foundation for sustainable interaction design and UX. (2017)
Callum Egan, David Benyon, Richard Thompson
Proceedings of British HCI 2017 – Digital Make-Believe, Sunderland, UK

Texts in the Merchiston campus library available for loan:

  • Teaming with microbes : the organic gardener’s guide to the soil food web / Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis ; foreword by Elaine Ingham., Portland, Or. :, Timber Press, 2010., 9781604691139, ISBN
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  • The transition companion : making your community more resilient in uncertain times / Rob Hopkins., Totnes :, Transition, 2011., 9781900322973, ISBN
  • The permaculture city : regenerative design for urban, suburban, and town resilience / Toby Hemenway., White River Junction, Vermont :, Chelsea Green Publishing,, 2015, 9781603585262, ISBN
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