Meet Ki-Hoon Lee, appointed Senior Professor of Sustainability in Business & Management

Senior Professor of Sustainability in Business and Management, Ki-Hoon Lee,

Our curriculum is evolving to address the big challenges surrounding the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Evidence-based education will reflect our research outcomes in our curriculum. Our postgraduate education is especially important, as we are educating our future business leaders across the world.

An interview with Edinburgh Napier’s star runner – Jonas Müller

Jonas Muller running on a field on a sunny day

We sat down for a chat with Jonas Müller, a German PhD student passionate about the sustainable management of mass-sporting events, who recently finished 3rd at the Wings for Life World Run, running more than 63 km in just 4…
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New toolkit to support festival sustainability in Mexico and beyond

People at a festival

Running festivals and events sustainably is an enormous challenge for the industry. Waste management is just the tip of the iceberg. Practitioners need to consider multiple factors, which can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. The good news: a new…
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