Reflecting on my experience as a Digital Marketing student at The Business School

Kate Walker

Reflecting on my time at business school—four years packed with collaborative projects, assessments, a work-based placement that provided invaluable real-world experience, and countless other challenges. As I approach graduation, I want to share the lessons learned and the experiences that shaped my understanding of the business world.

One of the highlights of my time at The Business School was undoubtedly the immersive work-based placement in the third year that was integral to my marketing with digital media degree. This opportunity was immersive, allowing me to experience real-world marketing dynamics.

During my placement, I had the privilege of working on diverse projects that challenged me to think creatively and strategically. Each project expanded my skillset, from creating visually compelling marketing materials to producing engaging and informative blog content to analysing Google analytical data. The hands-on nature of these assignments not only deepened my understanding of theoretical concepts but also equipped me with practical skills essential for navigating the complexities of the industry.

One particularly exciting aspect of my placement involved hands-on collaboration with clients, which even included traveling to Birmingham for an event. Immersing myself amid such vibrant events provided invaluable insights into client interactions and the intricacies of event marketing. It allowed me to actively contribute by creating marketing materials and assisting with event setup. In retrospect, the work-based placement was pivotal in my academic journey, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Reflecting on this experience, I am grateful for the invaluable lessons learned and the challenges that became an opportunity for personal and professional development. 

Throughout my time at The Business School, I found the lectures to be consistently practical and highly relevant to industry trends and real-world events. Whether discussing digital marketing strategies or consumer behaviour, the lecturers made a concerted effort to ensure that the content remained up-to-date and applicable. This approach not only enhanced my understanding but also made me feel well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the dynamic marketing landscape upon graduation. The lecturers themselves are a testament to the quality of education at The Business School. Moreover, their dedication to student success was evident in their willingness to provide guidance, support, and mentorship. 

As I close this chapter of my academic journey, I am filled with gratitude for the invaluable experiences, knowledge, and friendships gained during my time at The Business School. I’m excited to see where the road leads and eager to put my skills to the test in the real world.

Kate Walker, 4th year Digital Marketing Student 

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