The Erasmus+ Common Ground (U!REKA) Blended Intensive Programme “has been inspiring!”

Group photo of ENU at the Erasmus+ Common Ground (U!REKA) Blended Intensive Programme

Dr Stacey Bushfield and Dr Sarah Sholl alongside five final-year business management students attended the Erasmus+ Common Ground (U!REKA) Blended Intensive Programme, hosted by Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, and shared their experiences on the programme.

Hear from our academics:

Bringing together over 50 multidisciplinary students and eight lecturers from U!REKA partner universities in Germany, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scotland, the Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme consisted of three virtual online sessions and a week-long in-person programme in Frankfurt, Germany (8 October – 14 October).

The representative group from Edinburgh Napier University was made up of five selected final-year business management students and two lecturers from The Business School (Sarah Sholl and Stacey Bushfield).

The in-person programme encompassed a wide range of themes including coproduction in research, working with diverse groups, interaction in artistic endeavours, cultural hacking, qualified empathy, and decolonising bodies. The fusion of social work, arts, and business disciplines created a vibrant and multidisciplinary environment that stimulated creativity and innovation. Students from diverse backgrounds came together to work creatively on small social research projects over the week, presented their findings and produced a creative output under their theme of choice that was displayed at a public exhibition.

Edinburgh Napier Academics (Stacey Bushfield and Sarah Sholl) also led a session on coproduction in research and how to work with diverse groups. The students’ enthusiasm for exploring collaborative research approaches and moving out of their personal comfort zones was inspiring and students were encouraged to embrace coproduction to bridge the gap between academia and practical applications.

Stacey Bushfield shares that “it was a privilege to be a part of the planning team over the last year and to collaborate with colleagues from the U!REKA  network and I look forward to building upon the strong foundation we have established.  The Common Ground (Erasmus+) Programme was intensive and provided a platform for students to work creatively, collaborate across disciplines and appreciate the strengths that can come from working together. The experiences gained during this programme will undoubtedly shape their academic and professional journeys, enabling them to make significant contributions to their respective fields”.

Sarah Sholl reaffirms that “it was great to hear our students making connections in the workshops between theories they had learned in their modules, and applications across different disciplines. They really embodied the strengths of a diverse team and co-produced some excellent work during the week.”

Group photo of ENU at the Erasmus+ Common Ground (U!REKA) Blended Intensive Programme

Read more about our students’ experience:

“The thing I enjoyed most about the trip to Frankfurt, was the opportunity to work and meet people that I otherwise would’ve probably not worked with coming from the business school, discussing common issues that are present in our territories and how citizens or government have taken action.” (Santo Pia, ENU business student)

“Coming from a business background, I found the experience very intriguing, and we were all able to work in groups and produce a project that incorporated each of our specialities as individuals. Overall, I enjoyed the trip. Most particularly, the exhibition night as we were all able to see the projects each group had produced during the week. “(Clowie Maguslog, ENU business student)

“During the teamwork it was great to socialize and network with different people and it allowed us to meet new friends and helped my group skills. My group looked at sound and how certain sounds can change your perception of a shared space. Using my business degree and the others in my group with their music and art background we were able to successfully collect research and present at the end of the week.” (Millie Girvan, ENU business student)

“To me, the highlight of the trip was the last day where we got to see everyone’s project with different artistic creations followed by a homemade party with drinks and a DJ! I highly recommend other students to attend similar trips, it really has been inspiring. I now have many ideas to focus on for my personal development. “(Loïse Landais, ENU business student)

“The seminars offered an extensive range of information and chances to discuss the common problems faced by students throughout the European Union; additionally, working with peers from different backgrounds enhanced the educational experience. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to take part in such an innovative endeavour; this trip was not only instructive but also a great cultural experience.” (Beatrice Giargia, ENU business student) 

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