Placements can offer any business a real benefit in tough times

Despite the uncertainty of recent months, 100 undergraduates from Business Management, Marketing Management and Hospitality, Tourism and Events programmes have had the opportunity to apply the knowledge they had acquired at university into a work placement. The results have been amazing for the hosts and the students alike.

Emma Sinclair from “The Social Cow”, an all-round marketing agency, stated the efforts of Napier student, Ellie, have been fascinating. She said, “It was such a pleasure having Ellie on board with us. She has probably been the most hard-working and reliable intern we’ve had through our doors. We were very sad to see her finish, She’s a fantastic student and a very hard worker and she knows my door is always open for her.”

Another student, Abbie Menzies was offered a a 32-hour contract with Smart Works – a charity that has helped thousands of women find work by providing interview preparation as well as complete outfits of clothes and accessories (pictured above) enabling them to excel at interviews. Abbie loved the opportunity, stating: “It was the perfect place to apply my existing skills in a completely new working environment.”

Smart Works took two placement students from Edinburgh Napier this year. According to interim manager, Beth Reid “Both of them were great, particularly considering some of their time spent with us was working from home, which is that little bit trickier in any new role.

Both Abbie and Lewis were phenomenal. We thoroughly enjoyed having them as part of the team and they made tremendous progress in supporting our outreach projects in their respective roles.

We offered Abbie a job over the summer, and asked Lewis to come back on a freelance basis early next year, to support on our annual fundraiser. We are very interested in the opportunity to work with other Napier students next year.”

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