Introducing the Policy Cards Project

We are excited to share some news about a research project currently underway. The Policy Cards project is developing a playful, card-based tool to support academics with policy engagement. As PI, Hanne Wagner is building on the initial version of cards she developed in cooperation with the Institute for Policy and Engagement at the University of Nottingham.

The Policy Cards will help ‘players’ to map the space between their evidence and mechanisms for policy change. The aim is to create a flexible, collaborative tool that can support both novice and experienced academics in finding creative approaches to policy engagement.

We are now inviting academics to play test the cards. If you have some research that you think might be of interest to policy makers, please get in touch by email or complete this form with your contact details and availability. You will be invited to attend a short workshop where you will have a chance to use a prototype of the tool to design a campaign based on your own research.  It is hoped that the workshops will be useful for participants in developing strategies for creating policy impact from research, as well as helping the researchers to refine the tool. Therefore, we would be happy to arrange workshops around groups of colleagues working in similar areas, or an ongoing project.

If you would like to know more, please just get in touch with the project team by emailing

The project is part of the Cardographer Project, which takes a data-driven approach to ideation to gain novel insights into design and planning practices. It is funded by the Capabilities in Academic Policy Engagement (CAPE). Social Informatics PhD student Marianne Wilson supporting as Research Assistant. PI Hanne Wagner is part of the Interaction Design research group here.