Using Podcasts to ‘Shake the Archive’

Marianne Wilson had the pleasure of presenting the outcome of the HOPSS project at the Shaking the Archive conference on the 25th of June. As part of a session focused on Curation and Exhibition, she presented the outcomes of interviews with Scottish cultural heritage professionals who had presented their collections in podcast format. This scoping study identified areas for future research around:

  • Audience engagement with cultural heritage podcasts
  • The opportunity podcasts offer to publicise under-represented and intangible cultural heritage.
  • How the conversational format of podcasts fosters audience and curators understanding of their collections.
  • Preserving podcasts as artefacts to build participatory archives

The session included Dominic Hingorani and Naida Redgrave reflecting on a musical theatre production and Peter Lester analysing how archives used exhibition spaces. The overarching theme of the presentations was the ways in which the methods used to present archives can enhance accessibility and representation in collections. This carried through to the discussions following the presentations, which, like the other conference sessions, raised interesting questions about the practice and politics of archiving.

More information about the HOPSS project and its findings about cultural heritage podcasts is available in the presentation slides. We hope to be able to share information about a formal publication from this work soon…

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