Dr Rory MacLean

My main research interest is the relationship between creativity and ageing, and I have investigated this by looking at divergent thinking, creative activities, creative mental synthesis and subjectively judged creativity. Other areas of interest include the relationship between creativity and other cognitive variables (e.g. attention), the judgement of creative products, cognitive ageing, and the psychology of performing arts.

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Viva Success – Lindsey

Viva Success – Kai Li

Latest work:

Curley, L.J., Murray, J., MacLean, R., & Laybourn, P. (2017). Are consistent juror decisions related to fast and frugal decision making? Investigating the relationship between juror consistency, decision speed and cue utilisation. Medicine, Science and the Law. 57(4) 211-219. Available here.

Curley, L., Murray, J. & MacLean, R. (2016). Heuristics: The good, the bad, and the biased. What value can bias have for decision makers? The Quarterly. 100, 41-44. Available here.


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