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Legable’ proudly sponsors the Edinburgh Napier Student Law Review.

Lauren Bowie is the Founder of ‘Legable’. Below is a short brief on what Legable is and how Lauren hopes Legable will help current and future law students:

Legable aims to make the legal profession more accessible by collating resources which are exclusive to aspiring lawyers from less advantaged backgrounds, such as: bursaries; scholarships; mentoring schemes; and work experience programmes. This is an attempt to mitigate the informational barrier that continues to hinder social mobility in the legal field, in that this information is not contained in one central platform. Legable also has a blog featuring aspiring, current and graduate law students from non-traditional backgrounds and is dedicated to de-mystifying the legal profession and de-stigmatising such backgrounds by sharing personal journeys, explaining key legal concepts and discussing diversity-related topics.

My hope is for Legable to be utilised by those who want to pursue law as a career but are plagued by self-doubt and are doubted by others. I want Legable to contribute to improving social mobility in the legal profession by sharing this information and other relatable content in order to convey that your circumstances cannot dictate your ability to succeed. Your background does not determine your future.

You can find the Legable website at: www.legable.co.uk and keep up to date with the latest information by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.




‘BeComAware’ proudly sponsors the Edinburgh Napier Student Law Review.

BeComAware generously sponsored our first ever competition. They supplied us with four amazing Commercial Awareness e-calendars, one for a winner of each year group.

BeComAware was founded by Sibel Vurdu, a trainee solicitor, with the intention of helping students to understand commercial language and the business world. BeComAware is a comprehensive hub and educational platform for bitesize commercial information. They teach commercial language, enhance student understanding of the business world, and share commercial insights.

You can find the BeComAware website at: www.becomaware.co.uk and keep up to date with the latest commercial insights by following them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


The Law Review has partnered with The Lawyer Portal exclusively for Edinburgh Napier University to bring you the latest updates on content, events, blogs, application tips, commercial awareness, and much more!

You can keep up to date with all the latest updates by joining the LinkedIn group, and following them on Instagram.



We thank our sponsors for supporting our law review and allowing us to continue to grow.

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