Mentoring Programme

Connecting new students with more experienced students for support and guidance.

The Edinburgh Napier Student Law Review Mentoring Programme is designed to provide first-year students with support and friendship throughout their inaugural year at Napier. We know how daunting a law degree can be to first-year students, especially for those commencing their law degree straight from school with no prior legal knowledge. This programme will allow first-year students to have access to exclusive insights and guidance from final-year students who have experience of every stage of the LLB.

Mentoring can include:

  • how to write legal essays
  • how to best approach problem-solving questions
  • research tips
  • work experience insights
  • networking advice
  • note sharing
  • and much more!

Not only does this programme help first-year students, but it also helps final-year students to develop necessary skills for beginning their career after graduation. Employers seek students who go the extra mile; those students who work hard in the exam hall and in extracurricular activities. This is a chance for final-year students to take on a leadership role and mentor a first-year student to show employers proof on their CV that they have desirable skills. Volunteering your time to help others will boost your employability, setting yourself apart from other candidates.

Whether you become a lawyer or begin a career in another profession, you will most likely be paired with a more experienced colleague at the company to guide you into your new role. The value of a mentoring relationship cannot be overstated.

All meetings and discussions will be arranged between mentor and mentee, we will not intervene. Students can choose the amount of interaction and pace of mentoring they require.

More Information 

If you have any questions regarding this programme, get in touch with us at or visit our social media.