Tree breeding and forest products

There was a good turn out to Forest Research’s seminar on Wednesday 17th February.  Speakers covered a range of topics related to tree breeding and diversification of forestry.

Copies of presentations may go online (certainly ours will) and we’ll post them here when available.

[Edit 3 March 2016] slides for our presentation are here.

For now, here are the web links supporting the content of presentations

Tree Breeding$FILE/FCPN018.pdf Choosing Sitka spruce planting stock: VP or Seed Orchard?$FILE/FCRN003.pdf Benefits of improved Sitka spruce: Volume and quality of timber. Climate change: Tree and shrub species selection Website of Future Trees Trust Website of Sitka spruce Breeding Co-operative Chalara ash die-back resistance breeding websites. Genomic selection. Website of ProCoGen EU project
Tree and wood properties Outline of research into Tree and Wood Properties Movement of water through trees and wood Geospatial decision support system for timber properties Timber Properties of alternative species
Current UK timber grading & Engineered Wood Products
Opportunities for wood fibre in bio-refining

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