(Poster) Using the Moodle Glossary to create shared learning resources

Christine Penman and Sibylle Ratz (School of Marketing, Tourism & Languages)

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This poster will provide an overview of the ways the Glossary function of Moodle was used during the 2013-14 academic year at Edinburgh Napier University with different cohorts of language students (learning German and French) to create student-generated and tutor-mediated shared vocabulary resources.

The poster will be divided into a number of sections:

  • brief theoretical considerations of how Moodle Glossary fits in a collaborative approach of learning, outlining some of the decisions to be made by the teaching teams
  • an overview of how the Glossary function was set up in selected German and French modules (‘rules’ issued to students to place new entries including the provision of a contextual example and the activation of the tutor editing function). This will also include reference to formative and summative assessment for different cohorts. This section will be illustrated by examples of student inputs.
  • an analysis of student feedback on the use of this resource for vocabulary building based on student questionnaires and a focus group
  • reflections and ideas for future developments

This poster will summarise pedagogical research undertaken by Sibylle Ratz for her PG Certificate and a conference presentation by both authors at the LLAS 9th annual e-learning symposium in January 2014.

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