Feedback Wall

Feedback – We all give it, sometimes we get it, but we don’t often see other peoples. This year at the conference we are introducing the ‘Feedback Wall’. The Feedback Wall is a chance for you to share with your colleagues some of the feedback you’ve given to students – suitably anonymised, of course, and all in the spirit of sharing our real practices.

You can choose something that helped in a difficult situation, that didn’t work well or that, for you, really shone as something you’ve been proud of.

To kick things off, the staff at ASPEN and APD have got together some examples from their – good and not so helpful – practice and you will be able to see these at the conference.

What you need to do:

  • find an example you’d like to (anonymously) share on the wall
  • fill out the form below
  • click the submit button!

We hope you will be generous in sharing your feedback with your colleagues, it can be a real help especially for new lecturers! It won’t take long but could have a lasting impact.

Your submission may also be helpful in demonstrating how you share your practice for an HEA Fellowship through ENroute.

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