Research Symposium: Circular Economy for Clean Energy Transition – Wednesday 26th October

Edinburgh Napier University is hosting the Research Symposium:  Circular Economy for Clean Energy Transition on Wednesday 26th October 2022.  This will be a hybrid event.

Circular economy is a system aiming to get the most out of materials, keep products and materials in use and design them to be cycled back into the economy, eliminating waste. This idea is a vital pillar of the energy transition. Nowadays, numerous researchers from the globe are focusing on how to maximise the use and recycling of sustainable materials for energy transition.

This symposium, which is under the Research Environmental Links Grant, is to establish a platform for experts from academia and industry to discuss the above topic. Professors from different universities will give talks on sustainable materials re-manufacturing. Specialists from battery manufacturing industry will also explain the cutting edge technology and their view in this area.

The link to register online is here.

The programme can be viewed here: