Published Journal Articles

The following journal articles have been published recently:

Sun, D., Saw, L., Onyianta, A., ‘rourke, Lu, Z., Wilson, C., …Shyha, I. (2022). Preparation of flexible dielectric nanocomposites using nanocellulose and recycled alum sludge for wearable technology applications. Materials, Methods & Technologies16, 149-159

Sun, D., Saw, B. L., Onyianta, A. J., Wang, B., Wilson, C., O’Rourke, D., …Lu, Z. (in press). Preparation of Elastomeric Nanocomposites Using Nanocellulose and Recycled Alum Sludge for Flexible Dielectric MaterialsJournal of Advanced Dielectrics,

Tan, W. C., Saw, L. H., Yew, M. C., Pei-Yu, K., Khor, Z. Y., & Sun, D. (2022). Development of hybrid aluminum-air battery fuel-cell system. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science1074(1), Article 012034.

Tan, Weng Cheong; Saw, Lip Huat; Yew, Ming Chian; Sun, Dongyang; Chen, Wei-Hsin (2022). High performance aluminum-air battery for sustainable power generation