Research Project Outcomes

Commercial prototype of the battery pack

The commercial prototype of the aluminium-air battery and its components are illustrated in Figure 20. The battery components such as the battery holder, air cathode, aluminium anode and CNF battery separator are shown in Figure 20 (a). As shown in Figure 20 (b), 10 batteries are connected in series to make up a battery pack with a nominal voltage of 18 V, a capacity of 136 Ah and a rated power of 1900 Wh. The dimensions of a single battery are 141 mm (length) x 24 mm (width) x 143 mm (height) and the total length of the battery pack is 240 mm. The open circuit voltage of a single cell is about 1.8 V, with a capacity of 136 Ah and a rated capacity is 190 Wh. At a discharge current of 200 mA, the battery can sustain up to 7.6 hours before the electrolyte is fully consumed. On the other hand, the battery can sustain 1.8 hours of discharge under discharge current of 800 mA before the electrolyte is fully consumed. The application of the battery to power on USB LED devices and AC fan are shown in video below.

Figure (a) Aluminium-air battery components, (b) aluminium-air battery pack

The video shows the product prototype of the aluminium-air battery in the project as a power supply for a domestic appliance of approximately 30watts.

Published Journal Articles

The following journal articles have been published recently:

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Tan, Weng Cheong; Saw, Lip Huat; Yew, Ming Chian; Sun, Dongyang; Chen, Wei-Hsin (2022). High performance aluminum-air battery for sustainable power generation