Dr Zhilun Lu

Dr Zhilun Lu is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the School of Engineering and the Built Environment at Edinburgh Napier University. He obtained his PhD from the University of Sheffield with the High-Quality PhD Thesis Prize. Then he worked as a Henry Royce Institute Research Associate at the University of Sheffield and a Research Scientist in the Department of Methods for Characterization of Transport Phenomena in Energy Materials at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Research Interests 

Invent innovative functional and energy materials with expertise in structural analysis, synthesis, and characterization of material properties, as well as coordinating development. Cover a wide range of functional materials (dielectrics for energy storage capacitors, thermoelectrics, ferroelectrics, high entropy ceramics, high permittivity oxides, microwaves and geometrically frustrated magnets) and aim to investigate their structure-composition-property relations using the Impedance Spectroscopy for the analysis of ‘electrical microstructure’, Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Rietveld Refinement, Transmission Electron Microscope and Neutron Scattering for ‘microstructure’. 

Current projects 

  • Royal Society Research Grant Project: Sintering improvement and electrical property tuning of lead-free AgNbO3-based ceramics for energy storage applications 
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Research Grant Project: La doping mechanisms in BiFeO3-SrTiO3 for high energy density capacitors 
  • PhD projects: 
  • Development of Lead-free Ceramics for Dielectric Energy Storage Capacitors 
  • Renewable and Flexible Dielectric Materials for Sustainable Electronics 
  • Developing Multifunctional Composite Materials for Sustainable Energy 

Academic Highlights 


59 Journal Papers: Q1 (JCR) – 50, total Impact factor (JCR) – 400+ 


Google Scholar: 1400+, h-index 21, i10-index 31 


Highly cited article by Web of Science (2021) 

Energy and Environmental Science HOT Article (2020) 

Journal of the American Ceramic Society Top Downloaded Paper (2018-2019) 

Journal of the American Ceramic Society February’s Issue Featured Article (2016) 

Selected publications 

  1. G. Wang, Z. Lu, Y. Li, L. Li, H. Ji, A. Feteira, D. Zhou, D. Wang, S. Zhang and I. M Reaney, Electroceramics for high-energy density capacitors: current status and future perspectives. Chemical Reviews, 121, 6124 (2021). (Impact Factor: 60.622) 
  1. Z. Lu, G. Wang, L. Li, Y. Huang, A. Feteira, W. Bao, A. K. Kleppe, F. Xu, D. Wang and I. M. Reaney, In situ poling X-ray diffraction studies of lead-free BiFeO3-SrTiO3 ceramics. Materials Today Physics, 19, 100426 (2021). (Impact Factor: 9.298) 
  1. Z. Lu, W. Bao, G. Wang, S. Sun, L. Li, J. Li, H. Yang, H. Ji, A. Feteira, D. Li, F. Xu, A. K. Kleppe, D. Wang, S. Liu and Ian M. Reaney, Mechanism of enhanced energy storage density in AgNbO3-based lead-free antiferroelectrics. Nano Energy, 79, 105423 (2021). (Impact Factor: 17.881) 
  1. Z. Lu, G. Wang, W. Bao, J. Li, L. Li, A. Mostaed, H. Yang, H. Ji, D. Li, A. Feteira, F. Xu, D. C. Sinclair, D. Wang, S. Liu and I. M. Reaney, Superior energy density through tailored dopant strategies in multilayer ceramic capacitors. Energy & Environmental Science, 8, 2923 (2020). (Impact Factor: 38.532) 
  1. Z. Lu, H. Zhang, W. Lei, D. C. Sinclair and I. M. Reaney, High figure of merit thermoelectric La-doped A-site deficient SrTiO3 ceramics. Chemistry of Materials, 28, 925 (2016). (Impact Factor 2020: 9.811) 

Professional Activities 



Journal reviewer 

Book reviewer 

Invited talks 

  • July, 2023  

Organising Committee Member and Keynote Speaker – World Congress of Smart Materials 2023, Barcelona, Spain. 

  • November, 2022  

Organising Committee Member and Keynote Speaker – 7th European Congress on Advanced Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials, Rome, Italy. 

  • September, 2022 

Keynote Speaker – 2nd International Symposium on Characterization, online. 

  • September, 2022 

Keynote Speaker – 4th International Webinar on Advanced Materials and Material Science, online. 

  • September, 2022  

Keynote Speaker – Materials Info 2022, online. 

  • August, 2022  

Keynote Speaker – Global Summit on Nanotechnology & Materials Science, Nice, France. 

  • November, 2021  

Keynote Speaker – 2nd Global Webinar on Materials Science and Engineering, online. 

  • June, 2021  

Keynote Speaker – 1st International Conference on Advances in Material Science and Environmental Engineering (ICAMSEE), online. 

  • May, 2021  

Invited Speaker – 2021 IEEE International Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectrics, online. 

  • December, 2019  
  • Keynote Speaker and co-chair of one program session – The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Materials & Process Engineering, Karachi, Pakistan.