CEN TC124 WG2 TG1 Machine grading settings and visual grading assignments for EN 1912

Meeting secretary’s page

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 16-17 October 2018 


Meetings are usually held twice a year, typically in (approximately) March and October.  In order to guarantee that reports are reviewed at the next meeting, they should be uploaded to the TG1 website by the end of January (for the “March” meeting) and the end of August (for the “October” meeting).  If you are not a TG1 member, you can send reports to meeting secretary Dan Ridley-Ellis, d.ridleyellis@napier.ac.uk (after first asking for the report numbers to use).

Important, in order to correctly prepare reports you will need:

– The TG1 sampling guidelines (download version dated 12th October 2016)

– The TG1 decision list (download version dated 8 March 2017)

– The description of the TG1 workflow and acceptance procedure (download version dated 7th March 2017)

It is advisable to check with the TG1 meeting secretary, or another TG1 member (or TC124 WG2 member), before planning a report.

For a brief explanation of what TG1 does, and why the decision list exists – see this blog post, and this journal paper (doi:10.1007/s00107-016-1034-1).

For a list of grading machines (approved for machine control in Europe to EN 14081), see this blog post.  Other kinds of machine may be used for output control.

For news on relevant standards see: CEN/TC124 work programme.  This blog: EN 14081, EN 384, EN 408, EN 14358, EN 338, EN 336, EN 1912