Outstanding results at the 2024 UK Universities Sales Competition

Eleanah Macleod and Ariane Mcginnis holding up certificates

The 2024 UK Universities Sales Competition hosted by Abertay University saw students from nine universities put their sales tactics to the test this month.

Eleanah Macleod and Ariane Mcginnis were exceptional in this extremely tough competition. The Edinburgh Napier University Business School team came second overall, and Ariane was even offered a job by one of the judges! This result is a testament to the high degree of employability of our students and excellence in teaching and learning.

Throughout the competition, Eleanah and Ariane tested their marketing skills and knowledge. Specifically, Eleanah was able to use her experience from the Live Project module (Hymans Robertson case study – for which her group got a distinction) to inform their sales pitch in the competition).

One of the competition requirements was to sell a CRM to a business. Understanding CRM concepts is a strong focus within digital marketing modules. A Salesforce representative remarked that “Eleanah’s presentation had the type of information and detail we like to see from our staff”. Considering Salesforce is one of the world’s top CRM companies, this is a huge accolade regarding our student’s knowledge and skills. A management consultant on the panel also had positive remarks on both students regarding their resilience and how they were able to bounce back from tough criticismEleanah Macleod - 4th year, Marketing Management student

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the UK Universities Sales competition. It was such a great opportunity to learn and receive invaluable feedback from professionals in the industry. My favourite part of the competition was my final pitch, where I got to take all the feedback from the past two days and showcase what I’d learned. The competition was a great insight into what to expect after leaving University and I’m grateful to have been a part of it” – Eleanah Macleod, Fourth year Marketing Management student

Both Eleanah and Ariane are exemplary students, and they hope their results will be motivating to future and current students within The Business School and Edinburgh Napier University at large.

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