Recruitment in the Voluntary Sector: Challenges and Opportunities

The third instalment in the ‘Reflective Learning Papers on Leadership and People Practice’ series has been published by The Business School at Edinburgh Napier University.

Renowned for its close ties with practitioners, the Human Resource Management Subject Area at The Business School is developing this series of papers as a collaborative process between academics and practitioners. The initiative offers a unique opportunity to bring together contemporary issues in academia and practice, enabling fresh ideas and innovative developments in leadership and people practice.

The most recent paper, ‘Recruitment in the Voluntary Sector: Challenges and Opportunities’ is co-written by Dr Doug Young, lecturer in Human Resource Management (HRM) at Edinburgh Napier Business School, and Corinne Morrison-Gillies, Head of HR Operations and People Development at CrossReach. Using reflexive questions, Doug Young examine contemporary issues facing recruitment and selection processes in voluntary social care, and engages with potential methods for addressing these, such as developing different recruitment methods, and exploring different areas of the labour market.

Corinne Morrison-Gillies then presents a case example of her organisation’s new initiative, ‘Get Into Care with Crossreach’, which utilises the untapped labour market demographic of care leavers, and has led to positive outcomes for the organisation, young applicants, and the people they support.

The next paper in this new series will be published in September 2020 and will focus on the latest debates about line manager impact on employee motivation.

Each paper will include a case study and offer practitioners directly applicable learning on current issues. Please contact Professor Helen Francis if you wish to learn more about this initiative or get involved in working with us:

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