Article now out: Information literacy of community representatives in Brazil

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Publication news: Bruce Ryan and I wrote this paper to explore the information literacies (ILs) (and practices) of community representatives, in the participatory budgeting process in Brazil.

Cruickshank, P., Ryan, B. (2023) An information literacy lens on community representation for participatory budgeting in Brazil. Journal of Information Literacy 17(2). DOI:

These findings allow the refining of CILIP’s definition of IL for citizenship, and provide the basis for proposing a model for the IL of community representatives. Future IL research could explore the role of digitally-enabled place and community in shaping the (a) landscape of literacy and (b) the role of hyperlocal representation.

The article also gave us a chance to consider the role of translation in research.

You can read more about the article and its background in our post on this from May.