Dr Bridget Hanna

It feels like I’ve been a student half my life! My original degree in psychology was taken with the Open University while I worked full time. I went on to study my Masters in Occupational Psychology with Nottingham University and then my doctorate with Glasgow Caledonian.

I joined Edinbugh Napier in 2011 as an Academic Professional Developer designing and running learning and teaching events for academic staff at ENU. I moved part time into psychology to teach work psychology on our international courses in Hong Kong and Singapore. I currently run modules in Work and Organisational Psychology as well as support Honours Students and supervise PhD’s. My current research interests are around the role of assessment in learning and I am interested in how regulatory assessment affects professional identity and ethics as well as all things work and organisational. I particularly like research with uses non-traditional methods or is particularly critical.

In previous roles I have been involved in the creation and evaluation of competency frameworks for several different public bodies at a national level, including the Police and NHS Education for Scotland. I came to Edinburgh Napier after working as an academic for several years at Glasgow Caledonian University. This followed a professional career as an Occupational Psychologist and consultant.

The focus of my lectureship is around work and organisations although I also teach critical psychology and Methods for the Open University. I love teaching online particularly with such a diverse student body. Being professionally recognised and accredited is important to me so I maintain my professional recognition as a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Chartered Scientist, and a Senior Fellow of Advance-HE (formerly the Higher Education Academy). I also hold a European Psychologist Practicing Certificate.

I assess fellow academics for their fellowship of Advance-HE and have also assessed on the National Teaching Awards. Currently I am on the board of the European Psychological Association and am working on the creation of European wide qualification recognition for UK Psychologists. I also support colleagues in becoming Occupational Psychologists through the BPS and have served for the last three years on the BPS Scottish national committee for psychology. This followed some five years on the Division of Occupational Psychology – Scotland.

Currently in my spare time I’m learning Spanish, writing a science fiction book and hoping that walking my dog will get me fit. There is a research project in that!

Bridget’s blog updatesDoes going for a drink after work with colleagues cause cliques?

Publications and Presentations

Book chapters

Hanna, B. (2013) The organisational context of inter- and intra-professional ethics’ In Jindal-Snape, D. & Hanna, E. F. S. (eds.) Exploring the dynamics of ethics in practice: personal, professional and interprofessional dilemmas. Bristol: Policy Press.

Published reports

Brodie, J., Forbes, D., Hanna, B., Ingram, R., Mulholland, R. and Wrennell, M. (2010) ‘Enhancing the employability of psychology graduates: enhancing the credibility of employability?’, The Bulletin, 35, p.6-10.

Analysing the contribution of flexible trainees to the Scottish NHS during their training (2007) – NHS Education for Scotland.

The Flexible Training Employment Portfolio (2006) – NHS Education for Scotland.

The Scottish Competency Framework for Clinical Psychology (2005) – NHS Education for Scotland.

Journal articles

Hanna, B., Campbell, F. & Mowat, E. (2013) Professional Conversations, Dialogue Sheets and the case of Academic Leadership. Educational Developments.

Hanna B & Kirlova, R. (2013) Academic Leadership at Edinburgh Napier. Teaching Fellows Journal: Autumn Edition. Edinburgh Napier University.

Hanna, B. (1996) ‘Memory Systems – Trick or Treat’, Dyslexia Contact, 15 (1), p6-8.

Conference presentations

Hanna, B. (2011) ‘Changing Assessment: Changing Organisational Ecology?’ Proceedings of the Division of Occupational Psychology Conference.

Hanna, B. (2010) ‘Employability – a bitter pill for students and universities to swallow’. Proceedings of the Psychology Learning & Teaching Conference.

Hanna, B. (2008) ‘Competency frameworks and their effects on professional identity’. Proceedings of the British Psychological Society Annual Conference (Scotland).

Hanna, B. (2006) ‘I know all the answers: open or closed exam banks, a test of results’. Proceedings of the British Psychological Society Annual Conference (Scotland).

Hanna, B. (2005) ‘The relationship between psychologies: an exploration into the how different streams of psychology can work together’. Proceedings of the British Psychological Annual conference (Scotland).

Book reviews

Hanna, B. Review of the book ‘The Psychologically Literate Citizen: Foundations and Global Perspectives’ Dunn, D & Cranney, J. Published in Psychology of Learning and Teaching.

Hanna, B. Review of the book ‘Majoring in Psychology: achieving your educational and career goals’ by Helms, J. and Rogers, D. (2011).

Poster presentations

Hanna, B. & Mullholland R. (2011) Employability – Online or In-person? A test of results. Glasgow Caledonian Associateship Programme Award.

Hanna, B. & Mullholland, R. (2011) Employability A first year Module review. Psychology of Learning and Teaching (PLaT) Conference, Edinburgh.

Hanna, B. (2013) Utterly Engaging: constructing connections to the curriculum using Personal Response Systems. Caledonian Associates Conference. Glasgow Caledonian University


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