Winter Walk’n’Talk event

The first ‘Winter Series’ Postgrad ramble took place Tuesday 7th Dec. Winter? Yeah, a wee bit. Breezy and sleety? OK a bit. Fun and broadening for  intrepid bletherers? Big time! For Ted Webster (from Duluth, Minnesota, taking apart ‘Fake News’), Edinburgh weather was a ‘walk in the park’. With thinnish down jacket, no hat, gloves or togs, he explained (as the snow bounced off him), that it was currently minus 20C at home! Storm (in a tea-cup) Arwen? Yeah right 😊. Anyway it was a brilliant to meet him and other fellow students (and learn new stuff). One contribution to the ‘talk’ was – what is ‘truth’? If there’s only ‘your truth’ and ‘my truth’, the ‘fake’ notion falls don’t it? Discuss ……………………


Next up – ‘Old Town Ramble’, Saturday 22nd January – details very soon 😊. See y’all there.

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