Teaching Opportunities

On this page you will find teaching opportunities across the university. Some of these might be for students from specific schools but many are available to students from all schools. 

If you are a programme leader or lecturer and have an opportunity to advertise please get in touch: amy.king@napier.ac.uk 

Academic year 2022/23, Trimester 1

Module name: Understanding Social Science Research (SSC07103)

Module leader: Nick Cimini

Brief description of content: The module is an introduction to social science research methods – including both qualitative and quantitative methods. It also includes a study skills element that runs throughout the module. Tutorials involve 1. some study skills sessions, 2. some hands-on engagement with quants/quals data, and 3. preparing for the assessment by closely reading and discussing examples of contemporary research. In the assessment, which consists of a 2,000 word essay, students are asked to pick one of these example pieces of research and to write critically about the method/s employed. 

Teaching pattern: Tutorials are one hour every week (Weeks 2 to 12) with the exception of a two hour computer lab on Week 6 (in which students will be introduced to SPSS)

Required skills: Colleagues working on the module will need to have basic/introductory level skills in both quants and quals. Tutor handbooks will be provided.

To apply: email N.Cimini@napier.ac.uk