SAS Winter Christmas Social

17 of us โ€“ some sporting outrageous Christmas Jumpers โ€“ gathered at the good old Beijing Banquet for Christmas Dinner Thursday 9th. Pic attached (sorry Tully / Kevin your mugs went awol ๐Ÿ˜Š). โ€˜Whiffsโ€™ of delicious grub had often got the tum churning, cycling past to Sighthill, but it had never sampled the fare. โ€˜Eat as much as you possibly canโ€™ (so young pups โ€“ Tully, Muna, Arina, Kevin โ€“ perfectly demonstrated), is irresistible to grey-faced, half-starved postgrads! Gobbled my way through 5 courses and wobbled my way out to the car. Grub 9/10. Company 11/10. Cheers for organising Michael (Hinchliffe), great job and happy Chrimbo to you too.

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