Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering

We are the “North Britain” contacts for the Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering.  This network is funded by SNS Nordic Forest Research in association with the European Forest Institute (formally the EFINORD region).

The Northern European Network for Wood Science & Engineering was set up in 2004 and currently involves 10 partner countries.  It is an invaluable forum for researchers in all aspects of wood science and engineering to meet and share knowledge, and thanks to the funding it receives it is particularly good for early stage researchers and aspiring wood scientists.  Participation in conferences is open to people from any country, but the network’s funding allows people from the partner countries to attend without a conference fee.  Funding also supports other network activities, such as short term scientific missions.

To sign up to the network’s mailing list, go to this page.

The next conference will be at Lund University. The date for the conference will be 9-10th of October, with a PhD course on the 8th. The conference website is

The Network’s conferences so far:

  1. Honne (Norway), 2005
  2. Stockholm (Sweden), 2006
  3. Helsinki (Finland), 2007 (29-30 October)
  4. Riga (Latvia), 2008 (13-14 November)
  5. Copenhagen (Denmark), 2009 (1-2 October)
  6. Tallinn (Estonia), 2010 (21-22 October)
  7. Oslo (Norway), 2011 (27-28 October)
  8. Kaunas (Lithuania), 2012 (13-14 September)
  9. Hanover (Germany), 2013 (11-12 September)
  10. Edinburgh (United Kingdom), 2014 (13-14 October)
  11. Poznan (Poland), 2015 (14-15 September )
  12. Riga (Latvia), 2016 (12-13 September)
  13. Copenhagen (Denmark), 2017 (28-29 September)
  14. Tallinn (Estonia), 2018 (2-3 October)
  15. Lund (Sweden), 2019 (9-10 October)