SIRT Timber Research Webinar

Tickets are free to SIRT sponsors and are available at the following link:

Agenda for the SIRT webinar taking place on the 3rd December from 1pm to 3pm

Summary of presentations:

  • Andy Leitch:

Introduction / Background to SIRT

  • Dan Ridley-Ellis:

Standards / Grading

The latest news on standards for graded structural timber, and a summary of current options for home grown timber.

Incised Wood

The results of a study into how incising effects strength and stiffness.

  • Steven Adams:

A Brief Look at Some Alternative Tree Species in the UK

An overview of a recent project that was looking at the structural properties of some less common species of tree grown in the UK.

  • Elspeth MacDonald:

Genetic selection in Sitka spruce: balancing wood properties and improved growth.

This presentation will give an overview of a recent study investigating whether selection and breeding can be used to improve key wood properties of Sitka spruce while maintaining or adding to improvements in growth rate that have already been achieved.

  • Ruben Manso:

Roundwood degrade: trying to crack the case

We present our research approach to identify the triggers of timber cracking in British commercial conifers, suggest some future developments for crack forecasting and discuss possible strategies to minimise the impact of these defects.

  • Mila Duncheva:

Timber Technology Engineering and Design Pathway

Mila will talk about competencies and engaging pedagogical approaches that the Centre for Offsite Construction + Innovative Structures are developing for the next generation of built environment leaders.

  • All

Discussion – Future Research