(Poster) Bridging the boundary: the Associate Student Project in the School of Computing

Dr Kevin Chalmers, Debbie Meharg, Stephanie Craighill, Alison Varey and Ian Smith (School of Computing)

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The School of Computing are working with their partner colleges to improve articulating student transition via the Associate Student Project (ASP). In the first year of this project, the ASP team have worked on developing a sense of belonging within students currently studying HND courses at college. This has involved running a serious of events such as: induction, drop-in lectures, drop-in tutorials, and guest lectures for students currently in their first year of study at college. Other work has focused on mapping HND courses to degree qualifications in the School of Computing and encouraging staff participation in both the School of Computing and our partner colleges.

The ASP will run for nine years in total. The SFC has provided 53 additional places to the School of Computing each year, with funding also provided to the School of Computing for students currently studying at college. Over the project lifetime a projected income of £5 million to the University is expected.

This poster illustrates the initial work that the ASP team in the School of Computing has been undertaking to improve transition for articulating students in the long term – an idea we are calling ‘bridging the boundary’. We are trying to overcome the perceived boundary objects that articulating students have.

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