(Poster) Ambitious evaluation: fostering an internal dialogue between students

Ana-Maria Zeron-Rodriguez and Sharon Homan (Student & Academic Services)

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Evaluation in education enables the empowering process of learning, changing and taking action towards success; yet it is often seen as an imposed and external judgement. The Edinburgh Napier Recruitment Assessment Centre (RACE) provides the opportunity to foster an internal dialogue between students, Edinburgh Napier job providers and the Careers Team on graduate job application and recruitment. While participating in an Edinburgh Napier Recruitment Assessment Day, ambitious students are evaluated through a competency-based framework that mirrors current recruitment practice and then receive a complete feedback on their performance. The SD&W Evaluation Team collects – via surveys – the students’ evaluation on the RACE practice. This dialogical reflection on each other’s performance aims to guide students’ ambitions to succeed in their job applications, build high expectations in their future career and continuously work towards excellent student support service. This mutual engagement through evaluation of the students and the service provider is critical for both parties to support growth and success.

The poster will show the dynamic process of how reflective practice empowers the ambitions of both students and staff.

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