(Poster) Assessment process of an undergraduate on-line module in pharmacology

Joyce Greig (School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Care)

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The assessment process of this module would be the main focus of the poster – the students who could be anywhere in the world (four or five countries at first run) – sat a short MCQ paper (randomised) midway for 30% of the marks and then (more problematically) a final short answer question paper choosing five questions from a selection (which they all needed to sit at the same time).

With the technologist’s help we used the quiz format with appropriate boxes/weighting for answers and the work was marked online. Second marking, internal moderation and external examining were all carried out online and while various problems arose they were eventually – with thought – overcome.

We also gave rapid feedback to the students for both assessments and then learnt how to merge the two results giving an overall module outcome for use with our University systems. The resulting statistics which were then available to me as Module Leader via Moodle were used in our quality reporting procedures.

The second run of this format will be in January 2014 and I am looking to further develop the assessment process within this module.

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