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Permaculture Magazine Article and Keep Scotland Beautiful Award

Permaculture Magazine Artcle

Once again, apologies for my almost non-existent blogging. Almost a year since the last post – I could win medals for this. Anyways, I’ve been on extended sick leave so I’ve a pretty good excuse.

The strength of all things Lions’ Gate is that the concepts and ‘material anchors’ of the habitats (green higher education, sustainable ICT, nature-focused design, understanding polycultures, creative interpretive interventions etc) have far reaching support, and so even though I’ve been out of the game for six months, we’ve had some robust successes – a  ‘thriving’ award from Keep Scotland Beautiful, and an article – Permaculture Your University in Issue 119 of the Spring edition of Permaculture Magazine (PDF).

Keep Scotland Beautiful Thriving Award for The Lions' Gate 2023

Well that’s my showing off done. All I’d like to say this Monday morning is, many things in life are much more about doing than thinking; caring for one another, nurturing the planet and being generous in our endeavours is really what we’re here for. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I’ve been through the mill lately and just want to say – if you’re feeling out of sorts, try and find some healing time today – put your fingers in the soil, tune into birdsong or the lapping of the waves, or just sit somewhere green and peaceful, immersed, interconnected with the wonders of Mother Earth. You’ll feel better for it, rest assured.