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Welcoming and Supporting International Students

By Sidonie Ecochard

The Scotland sector-wide event Welcoming and Supporting International Students took place at the University of Strathclyde on March 1st 2017, in partnership with QAA (Scotland). The event aimed to share and discuss the recommendations of the report commissioned by QAA (Scotland), International Students Transitions into Scottish Higher Education: A Scoping Study. Irene Bell gave a presentation on the report she authored, giving a brief summary of methods, findings and recommendations. She described the feeling shared across the sector and backed by data that “international students are well supported in Scottish Higher Education, but we could still be doing better, and we need to be doing better”. Indeed, international students number have more than tripled worldwide since 1990, rising from 1.3 million to 5 million students in 2014 and currently representing 22% of the student body in Scottish Higher Education institutions. To improve international students’ transition, the report includes recommendations for both policy and practice, among which: Continue reading Welcoming and Supporting International Students