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Spring new beginnings for the transition theme team!

By Sidonie Ecochard, Research Assistant, DLTE

As Edinburgh is slowly progressing towards spring, our transition theme team is also experiencing its early spring changes! We have now officially moved to our new office on the seventh floor (room B.7.37) and I will be replacing the irreplaceable Imi Dencer-Brown as the team’s research assistant.

Spring is also the time of year for our fresh crop of transition case studies for the QAA and we would like to thank all the participants for their time and contribution. It has been a great opportunity for us to investigate the interesting and diverse practices implemented at ENU to support our students. Although not all the case studies collected will be submitted for publication onto the QAA website, the others will be redacted and added to the ENU Learning, Teaching and Assessment Resource Bank. Continue reading Spring new beginnings for the transition theme team!