Fiona Thomson

My PhD research focuses on understanding how dyslexia is identified within primary schools. My primary research areas include developmental dyslexia and decision-making, as well as an interest in government policy.

As part of my PhD, I have conducted a series of focus groups to investigate teachers’ perspectives and experiences with dyslexia in the classroom. Recently, I delivered a presentation on this study at the Edinburgh Napier School of Sciences Postgraduate Research Conference 2022.  

I began my journey at Edinburgh Napier as an undergraduate student and was awarded a BSc Psychology with First-Class Honours in 2020. My undergraduate honours project utilised a mixed-methods experimental design, which involved statistical analysis using SPSS.

Additionally, I have had the opportunity to join a project in the School of Health and Social Care this year as a research assistant where I have gained experience conducting a systematic literature review.

Supervisors: Dr Barbara Piotrowska, Dr Lindsey Carruthers, and Dr Marina Wimmer.