Dr Mirona Gheorghiu

I am a social psychologist with an interest in social and political issues. My main area of research is broadly that of inter-group relations with a focus on understanding how history and politics shape how we relate, perceive and treat others different from us. Previously, I have worked on the conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland with the aim of understanding how members of these groups see the building of positive, trusting relationships. Presently, I have shifted my focus to studying anti-immigration sentiments in the current climate of increased populism and, specifically, Brexit. I am particularly preoccupied with ‘making sense’ of what we mean by this very general and rather abstract category of ‘immigrant’ and the judgements of moral deservingness we attach to migrants. I am also keen to explore more concretely how we, as academics, but in particular social psychologists, can increase the impact of our work beyond the narrow circles of our disciplines. 

Here, at Edinburgh Napier University, I am a member of the Migration and Mobilities Research Network, an interdisciplinary group of academics interested in issues of migration. 

I am happy to supervise PhD students in the social psychology of immigration (quantitative and/or qualitative projects) or in other inter-group contexts. If you’d like to discuss your ideas, you can get in touch at m.gheorghiu@napier.ac.uk.


Recent publications & conference presentations

Gheorghiu, M & Pehrson, S (2019). Relative deprivation and moral devaluation of high and low status immigrants, Poster presented at the International Society of Political Psychology meeting, Lisbon.

Gheorghiu, M & Pehrson, S (2019). Where next for the social psychology of immigration, Roundtable discussion at the International Society of Political Psychology meeting, Lisbon.


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