Dr Duncan Carmichael

I joined the psychology group at Edinburgh Napier University in January 2019. Before moving here, I worked at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sussex.

I did a degree in psychology towards the end of the 20th century at the University of Stirling and then spent most of the next decade working for large companies in a variety of countries. Despite this detour, I still liked the idea of studying more psychology. Eventually, I decided to do a masters degree and then completed a PhD at the University of Edinburgh.

At Napier, I mainly teach the biological side of psychology. I’m module leader for Biofoundations of Behaviour and the Psychology of Lifespan Development, and teach on a range of other modules.

Most of my research so far has been on the topic of synaesthesia, although I’ve dabbled in some other areas too. A list of my publications can be found here