Dr Adam Mahoney

Adam Mahoney Pic Peter Devlin

Dr Adam Mahoney is a Consultant Chartered Forensic Psychologist who has over 20 years experience working in the criminal justice sector. This includes 10 years working as a Psychology Manager in the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) female prison estate. His research interests and clinical practice includes gender responsive approaches to offender rehabilitation and investigating the role of interpersonal trauma in offending. This includes helping to establish the efficacy of treatment programmes.

Dr Mahoney has a well-established psychotherapeutic practice which predominantly focuses on helping survivors of interpersonal trauma in addition to reducing the risk of violent and other offending behaviours. Since 2008 he has worked on integrating mindfulness and compassion-focused approaches into his therapeutic work and has design different interventions to help survivors recover from their abusive experiences. These interventions include the forensic versions of Survive & Thrive and the more recent trauma focused intervention Compassionate Recovery and Neurological Empowerment (CRANE).

Dr Mahoney started his lectureship in forensic psychology at Edinburgh Napier University in October 2020 and continues to provide consultancy based services to various forensic organisations including both HMPPS and the SPS.