SACI Rep 2020-2021: Amy King

This is a headshot of Amy, the SACI RPG rep. She has long brown hair with blonde ends and is wearing a black high neck top. Hi there, I’m Amy – a part-time PhD student in the School of Arts and Creative Industries, and the Research Postgraduate Students Rep for the school this academic year.

As your SACI PGR Rep

As your student representative, I can provide you with a link to the School’s administration and leadership teams. Please reach out to me if you have concerns, questions or requests around the School’s research community, your student experience or other issues related to your studies while at Edinburgh Napier which you would like support with.

I also work with the representatives from the other schools. We meet regularly to identify shared experiences from across the Schools and identify opportunities for cross-university collaboration through events, networking opportunities and joint feedback to the University Research Degrees Committee or other relevant staff.

Representation of students’ diverse experiences and support needs is a vital communication link between the university administration and the research student cohort. Particularly as we navigate working from home, or distanced learning, and continue to adapt our working and research engagements to the changing landscape through lockdowns and personal hurdles, it’s more important than ever to ensure the university administration understands how we are coping – and what support they can provide us – in the coming months and years.

As much as I wanted to avoid mentioning the pandemic in my intro, the repercussions of multiple lockdowns and changes to resource access or even research methods will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on research postgraduate students. My role as Rep offers students an alternative connection point to the university to ensure your needs are relayed back to the university staff who can help alleviate some of the pressures and tackle problems caused or exacerbated by lockdown, but also non-pandemic-related problems or experiences.

The School of Arts and Creative Industries

Our postgraduate research community hosts a rich diversity in academic scholarship. We have researchers with interests spanning Game Studies, English Literature, Design and Creative Research, Linguistics, Publishing, Lighting Design, Music, Media Studies and more.

SACI is home to five research centres:

  • Applied Music Research Centre
  • Art and Design Research Centre
  • Centre for Literature and Writing
  • Centre for Media and Culture
  • Scottish Centre of the Book

Between these research centres, PGR students in SACI are routinely invited to engage in a variety of internal and external postgraduate researcher development and engagement opportunities including conferences and workshops.

A little about me

I began an MRes degree in March 2019 and converted to a part-time PhD degree programme that September. My research entails discourse analysis of linguistic violence on Twitter and understanding the nature of this violence.

Outside of my PhD, I work part-time for YWCA Scotland – The Young Women’s Movement as their Digital Officer and have over 4 years of industry experience in digital marketing and communications. I am a keen embroiderer, musical theatre lover, avid reader and Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast.

Contact me

There are a couple ways you can get in touch with me to raise issues or provide feedback about your experiences as a Research Postgraduate Student in SACI:

  1. Use the Contact Form on this website – this feedback can be anonymous, but will be available to all student reps across the various Schools
  2. Email me: / (I check both email accounts regularly)
  3. Join the SACI RPG Chats (currently held virtually) to share your experiences, questions, celebrations or concerns with myself and other SACI research postgraduate students and meet more of the research student community

As a part-time student, it may take me a bit longer to respond to your emails, but I will get back to you as quickly as I can. My usual uni days are Wednesday-Friday.

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