YPTrustees U.S. Consulate Visit (Dec 4th)

A delegation from Young Professionals as Trustees had the opportunity to meet the Principal Officer of the U.S. Consulate to discuss young professionals voices and civic participation. It was a fantastic meeting and great how supportive the U.S. Consulate is to our Young Professionals and Trustees initiative.


US Consulate meet


2 thoughts on “YPTrustees U.S. Consulate Visit (Dec 4th)

  1. Hello Miles,

    Thank you for sharing this with me. Nice to see the interest from the PO to Young Professionals.
    Is the US Consulate or embassy giving any funding for this purpose or is it merely sharing of information?


    1. Hi,

      The Consulate have been tremendously supportive. They have a programme on young leaders and interested in civic participation.

      Would be delighted to partner with a U.S. institution to spread our Young Professional as Trustees model. Part of the programme is delivered by The Governance Forum.

      Hope we can Skype soon to share festive cheer?

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