Knowledge Transfer Partnership with VAF

To design and establish a grant-making and development support platform that connects and aligns the CSR activities of Scottish Businesses and the real and emerging needs in Scotland and the Third Sector.

The partnership is supported by the Scottish Funding Council (50%) and Technology Strategy Board (50%). Grant amount: £83,333.00. A further 1/3 of the costs are supported by the Voluntary Action Fund.

Further information can be found here.

Outputs include:

  • Weaver, M., Crossan, K., Tan, H., Paxton, S. (2016). Taking Action to Unlock Business Resources Into Communities using SSM, Third Sector O.R.: Modelling for a Better World, Tuesday 06 September 2016, OR58, University of Portsmouth.
  • Weaver, M., Ouelhadj, D., (2016). Problem Solving: Grand Challenges of Portsmouth and the Region, With Cllr. D. Jones (Portsmouth Council Leader), Dr. Ruth Kaufman O.B.E. (ORS President), Rear Admiral Nick Lambert (Maritime Domain Expert) and Felicity McLeister (Pro Bono O.R. Project Manager), Wednesday 7th September 2016, Making an Impact Workshop, OR58, University of Portsmouth.
  • Weaver, M., Paxton, S., Hock, T., Crossan, K., (2016). “Cultivating Responsible Business in Scotland through the lens of the Scottish Business Pledge.” Edinburgh, Scotland: Voluntary Action Fund and the International Centre for Management & Sustainability Research at Edinburgh Napier University.
  • Weaver, M., Paxton, S., (2016). Keynote: Addressing Scotland’s Grand Challenges: The Role of the Scottish Government Business ‘Community’ Pledge, Forging Connections Between Business & the Third Sector. Joint Conference of the Voluntary Action Fund & Edinburgh Napier University, Glasgow, Scotland, 14/01/2016.
  • Parkin, J., Weaver, M., (2015). Grand Challenges and O.R., Inside O.R., The Operational Research Society. May Edition.
  • Weaver, M., Paxton, S., Tan, H., Crossan, K., and Reilly, A-M., (2015). A Systems Thinking Approach to Connecting and Aligning CSR Responses to Social Need in Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland: 27th European Conference on Operational Research.
  • Weaver, M., Parkin, J., Paxton, S.,  Wimbles, K., (2015). A call to address grand challenges: a conversation between the OR community and the Voluntary Action Fund (Scotland). In Making An Impact. Glasgow, Scotland: 27th European Conference on Operational Research.

Current work in progress:

  • Weaver, M., Crossan, K., Tan, H., Paxton, S. (forthcoming). A Systems Approach to Understanding the Perspectives in the Changing Landscape of Responsible Business in Scotland, under review.

  • Assessing CSR Responses Alignment to Actual and Emerging Challenges in a Scottish Context, in progress.

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