Personal Room (virtual)

The University uses Webex for video conferencing / online teaching.

There are two ways to access Dr. Miles Weaver personal meeting room:

  1.   Via a web browser / WebEx app here
  2.   Join by phone

There is no need to download the WebEx app – you can launch via an internet browser. If you are a student, and participating in various online session then you are advised to use the app to get full functionality.

To join by phone dial:

0203 478 5289 

followed by the access code: 169 142 217 # (don’t forget the hash #)

Don’t worry about the attendee number – just click # (hash) to continue or simply hold.

If you are calling from outside the UK then the list of local numbers are here:

Global call-in numbers


General Advice

Testing audio: Mobile phones seem to work without any issue. If using a PC, you may be asked to connect your audio device (headset/ camera if necessary). You can test your sound and mic at this time.

Get connected early: It is always useful to join a call early, so to check your settings. Additionally, it is advised to start with your “mic muted” to avoid any unnecessary interference or anything you don’t want picked up by other participants (could be many).

WebEx security: Often people note that they have used zoom. We use ‘Webex’ as our professional tool for meetings and online education, which is secure and supported. All the ‘zoom’ features are present, plus more (without restrictions). These features are likely to only be used by the ‘host’, so don’t worry.

Seeing others video: Perhaps the best feature of ‘zoom’ is the video gallery view. Webex has this to, in the top right – you will be able to toggle through ‘presenter view’; ‘speaker view’ and ‘gallery view’. As you like it. 

On hold: You may be placed on ‘hold’ in the lobby. This is fine, just wait. This may be because a different call is in progress (all calls are confidential and private) or you have joined late and the host needs to let you, ensuring that no interference occurs with the session. Often online classes are recorded. In this instance, it is likely to be that a meeting is in progress, as online classes are launched from Moodle (the virtual learning environment).

Sharing a screen: Features that you might use is to ‘share your screen’, so that others can see what you are working on, or even your own PowerPoint deck / word document. This works very well with research supervision.

See you in the virtual world ….