2017 Parallel sessions

There are four parallel sessions through the day, featuring work by Edinburgh Napier staff.


Parallel session 1 (13.45- 14.15)
Sharing Good Practice Increase student ownership to build innovation and enterprise in the applied sciences classroom Eva Malone & Graham Wright [Abstract: Malone_Wright] Room: 2/05
Sharing Good Practice Face to face feedback / feedforward Richard Firth / Ron O’Donnall [Abstract: Firth_ODonnall] 2/10
Sharing Good Practice Development of a pre-course online resource ‘Preparation for Master’s level’ Lindsey Robb / Sheena Moffat [Abstract: Robb_Moffat] 3/03
Sharing Good Practice Exploring the experience of nursing students with specific learning differences/disabilities in clinical practice. Isabel Dosser / Janis Ross / Elise Gibbons [Abstract: Dosser_Ross_Gibbons] 3/10
Pedagogic Research Routes to Higher Popular Music Education: Curricular Alignment, Autodidacticism, and Access Zack Moir / Bryden Stillie [Abstract: Moir_Stillie] 3/11
Pedagogic Research Are you Bored? Then ‘Get on Board’ (GOB)! Investigating the value of The GOB Programme for ENU students Miles Weaver / Jackie Brodie [Abstract: Weaver_Brodie] 3/12
Pedagogic Research Widening access; developing a community e-learning resource for health professionals caring for children and young people with cancer Wendy McInally [Abstract: McInally] 2/17 (The Egg)


Parallel session 2 (14.15- 14.45)
Sharing Good Practice Mahara: a trans-disciplinary approach to developing a professional practice portfolio module. Iain Macdonald [Abstract: Macdonald] 2/05
Sharing Good Practice Student perspectives on the Associate Student Project, supporting direct entrants. Debbie Meharg / Carole Mooney [Abstract: Meharg_Mooney] 2/10
Sharing Good Practice Stamp it: Innovative physical interactive assessment LTA process Richard Firth / Ruth Cochrane [Abstract: Firth_Cochrane] 3/03
Sharing Good Practice Introducing obstetric emergencies into the midwifery curriculum – team work Gail Norris [Abstract: Norris] 3/10
Sharing Good Practice Adaptation of learning and teaching methods for the delivery of an undergraduate program in Myanmar. Kenneth Leitch [Abstract: Leitch] 3/11
Pedagogic Research The role of placement in the narratives of computing graduates Sally Smith / Gemma Webster / Colin Smith / Ella Taylor Smith [Abstract: Smith_Webster_Smith_Taylor-Smith] 3/12
Pedagogic Research Limitations of corrective feedforward: a study in academic writing Mark Carver [Abstract: Carver] 2/17 (The Egg)


Parallel session 3 (15.30- 16.00)
Pedagogic Research Does Lecture Capture capture students? Margaret Conlon [Abstract: Conlon] 2/05
Pedagogic Research Welcoming International Students: Transitions into Scottish Higher Education Monika Foster / Sidonie Ecochard [Abstract: Foster_Ecochard] 2/10
Sharing Good Practice The reading list of the future Laura Ennis / Keith Walker [Abstract: Ennis_Walker] 3/03
Sharing Good Practice Academic Practice: Developing equality advocates: building capacity in programme leadership Joan McLatchie / Laurie Anne Campbell [Abstract: McLatchie_Campbell] 3/10
Sharing Good Practice Changes and improvements in SEBE’s student teaching and support work following our Athena SWAN submission Alastair W Stupart [Abstract: Stupart] 3/11
Sharing good practice Introducing the Widening Participation Strategy Katrina Castle [Abstract: Castle] 3/12
Sharing good practice Engaging Students with Learning Outside the Classroom Bryden Stillie [Abstract: Stillie] 2/17 (The Egg)


Parallel session 4 (16.00-16.30)
Pedagogic Research Evaluating Group Academic Support Jackie Nicol [Abstract: Nicol] 2/05
Pedagogic Research Language Attitudes, diversity and inclusivity. Mabel Victoria [Abstract: Victoria] 2/10
Sharing Good Practice Thinking, doing, publishing: pedagogical research on the go Publication of innovative research via Staff/Student Collaboration Christine Penman / Monika Foster / Avril Gray [Abstract: Penman_Foster_Gray] 3/03
Sharing Good Practice Confident Diversity: a new approach to equality and diversity for tomorrow’s engineering leaders Allison Johnstone / Kate Durkacz [Abstract: Johnstone_Durkacz] 3/10
Sharing Good Practice Broughton Universities Partnership – Widening Participation through Collaboration Tom Evans [Abstract: Evans] 3/11
Sharing good practice Internationalising groupwork: collaborative student projects with China and USA Brian Davison [Abstract: Davison] 3/12
Sharing good practice Shared Vision – Curriculum Development Informed by Comprehensive Educational Evaluation; experiences of the School of Health & Social Care Catherine Mahoney [Abstract: Mahoney] 2/17 (The Egg)